Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Newyork  is a placs  for peple  and  kids  to  and  a  cars  and  rowpots   tokep  bad  away  so  they  can  wene the bad try  to  batty good  but  you  no  that  good  oways wins and bad  oways try  to  win but they  lost  be cos they  never win good  wins  Bad never wins because    good always wins because they always got a plan they never give up they're a team I always stick together It always meant at people they always find a way did people stuck at the building the Transformers always  and they transform into cars when they need to They  back strong when they need to  there's  people need  when the people need help the Transformers are always there Transformers always stings Transformers always get winz and help people when they need it back when  Transformer never give up when they win everybody  after that they do that technology scan if there's any more the band because of criminals well bad robots will never win because everybody knows that they always lose and whenever they Transformers but get knocked down always stand up for their self and fight that's what makes them them the heroes of New York and also a different brush bike Japan beautiful Always there when you need them so so Bumblebee was on the next leader after that because Optimus Prime has died from his creator but the Creator almost killed him but he didn't have eyes with purplish and he was under her control cause you don't know if you have a creator how many like a robot 2 they gotta respect them before they go on .to have some more Adventures of stuff to the window .Something in October they always got a chance of fighting and winning because no one ever won for The Good Guys cuz everyone everyone in New York know that there will be a hero well couple years that are robots they were always come to the rescue and save you and look after the city cos you guys look after them so they can I treat you well as you treated them whenever you get knocked down all you need someone to help you with your stuff that always there for you and whenever you like need them clear run away and stuff and you need to go home at always there just know that they love you very much and and then you just watch.And the Transformers like to care for each other and . .they have lots of respect for you each other Another  .and they help one another .


  1. that is intersecting Tristan I love your work keep it up

  2. Thanks you for commenting on my work i well read your blogs as well .